Shelf Life




PrimePro EAP® pallet covers, carton liners and sheets are plastic polyethylene products containing a proprietary additive that removes ethylene from the air surrounding fresh produce to slow down the process of ripening and decay.




Penetrometers are used by growers to test for the optimal time for picking and shipping fruit.





The DeltaTrak Salinity Refractometer™ displays a direct reading of the specific gravity and concentration (Parts Per Thousand) of salt in water.



The DeltaTrak Brix Meter is a precise instrument that measures sugar content by using a sample of liquid from soft drinks, processed foods, concentrates or juice from fruit and vegetables.





Air Repair Ethylene Absorber These Blanket Ethylene Absorbers come in three different sizes.




The ISFET pH Meters Model 24004 is a low-cost non-glass Pocket ISFET (Ion-Sensitive Field Effect Transistor) pH Meter featuring a virtually unbreakable silicon chip sensor that gives stable readings in seconds.