FlashLink® RTL Prime 3G-2T In-Transit Logger

Model 22367

  • Monitors location, 2 temperatures and light
  • Supply air temperature in front of container
  • Cargo air at the back, near the doors
  • Light sensor alert when doors opened, for added security
  • Easy to install when loading, easy to remove on arrival
  • Customize settings for high/low alarm limits
  • Data transmitted via GSM cellular networks
  • No need to open vehicle doors to access information
  • 24/7 cloud service to view and analyze data remotely
  • One graph shows two sets of temperature data and light
  • Location plotted on Google Maps
  • On-board memory logs temperature every 10 minutes
  • Option to download PDF report to PC with USB cable
  • 12 month battery shelf life, plus 60-day trip duration
Applications: Real-time monitoring of ocean container shipments, up to 60 days

Designed for ocean containers, this real-time data logger has an internal sensor to measure air temperature in the back of the container and an external probe with a 50ft/15m cable to measure supply air temperature.

One logger monitors both areas at the same time, displaying two sets of data in one graph, with location tracked on Google Maps in the cloud. Trip reports are easily accessible from a dashboard with any internet-enabled device. No need to wait for receivers to manually locate and download a logger. Alerts are sent for out-of-range conditions and when the ship is nearing port.

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