Electronic Circular Temperature Chart Recorder

Model 14010, 14011, 14012

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  • Select single or continuous chart rotation
  • Stainless steel probe allows you to measure the temperature of air, gas, liquids, powders, and semi-solids
  • The temperature chart recorder’s back-up batteries allow continuous function (up to 48 hrs) during power failures
Applications: Measure Temperature of Air, Gas, Liquids, Powders, Semi-solids

The Circular Temperature Chart Recorder’s external stainless steel probe allows you to measure the temperature of air, gas, liquids and semi-solids. The temperature chart recorder has a quartz clock movement, motorized chart advance and temperature accuracy of ±2°F (±1°C). The chart recorder comes in °F or °C models and runs on 120V or 220V AC, 50/60 Hz. A rear compartment houses 8 AA alkaline batteries, providing up to 48 hours of continuous recording in the event of a temporary power loss.

Current temperature is easily read on the chart recorder’s large LED display, while a permanent record is traced on paper charts. Both charts and pens are easily replaced.

DeltaTrak’s Electronic Circular Temperature Chart Recorder, Models 14010, 14011 and 14012, is a reliable time and temperature chart recorder. The temperature chart recorder has four chart speeds of 6 hours, 24 hours, 7 days and 31 days. There are three temperature ranges: -40°F~30°F (-40°C~-1°C), -20°F~50°F (-30°C~10°C) and 50°F~120°F (10°C~49°C) for frozen, chill and ambient environments.