Air Repair Ethylene Absorbers

Model 19008-19017

  • Ethylene Management for Floral and Produce Handling
  • Potassium Permanganate Beads Filters Ethylene from Air
  • Extends shelf life and maintains quality
  • Reduces Shrink

Fruits, vegetables and flowers are highly perishable commodities. From the moment they are picked, they require proper ethylene management in post-harvest handling to maximize freshness, quality and shelf life from the field to the table.

DeltaTrak’s Air Repair Ethylene Gas Absorber products can dramatically reduce harmful levels of ethylene gas. The ethylene gas absorbers are composed of high efficiency, activated aluminum beads impregnated with potassium permanganate. The beads large surface area allows for maximum absorption capability. Loose weave packaging material ensures optimum airflow and oxidation of ethylene and other contaminant gases.

Even an extremely small quantity of ethylene can cause irreversible damage! Often not immediately noticeable, ethylene will have an effect even if exposure time is short. Air Repair Ethylene Gas Absorber products oxidize ethylene, changing it into harmless CO2 and water. When fresh, the Ethylene Gas Absorber beads are a bright purple color. Upon exposure to air, and as ethylene is oxidized, they turn brown starting from the surface and eventually penetrating the core of the bead.