pH Plastic Indicator Strips

Model 50012

  • Immediate response
  • Direct reading pH stick with clear, bright color matches over the desired pH range
  • Easy to match color with color chart included
  • Economical pack contains 300 strips
Applications: Liquid, Semi-Solid, Solid Foods

Acidity hinders bacterial growth and by controlling the level of acidity, or pH, food borne illnesses can be prevented. These food safety test strips are stiff plastic sticks (0 to 6 pH) that allow easy pH measuring of liquid, semi-solid and solid foods.

The food safety test 0.0 - 6.0 pH Dip-Stik strips are simple to use and require no technical training. To measure the pH of a solution, simply dip the test strip into the solution and match the resulting color change with the pH color chart.