Key Features:
  • Monitor location, temperature and light via cloud service
  • Make immediate cold chain management decisions
  • Easy to recycle using return label on utility sleeve
Applications: Real-time monitoring of domestic routes and short trips up to 15 or 60 days
Key Features:
  • Monitor ultra low temperature during storage and transport using dry ice or liquid nitrogen
  • External sensor tracks temperature of products
  • No need to open shipping box or vehicle door to read data
  • Location data plotted on Google Maps
  • Light sensor alert when box or vehicle doors open for added security
Applications: Real-time monitoring of cryo and dry ice shipments
Key Features:
  • Simultaneously track two temperature points in ocean container
  • External sensor for supply air temperature
  • Internal sensor for air at the back, by the doors
  • Light sensor sends alerts for door openings
  • All data graphed on one PDF report
Applications: Real-time monitoring of ocean container shipments, up to 60 days
Key Features:
  • Monitors location, temperature, and light via cloud service
  • USB Port for immediate download of data if needed
  • Make immediate cold chain management decisions
Applications: Real-time monitoring of local and export shipments